Stuff you want: TO BE FULL

The Moretown Artisans’ Sale just got a whole lot better this year with the lower lever addition of the Skinny Pancake!

That’s right! This year, when those hunger pangs in your stomach start to sing Christmas Carols of their own, all you have to do is head down stairs and get yourself something crepe-ilicious. While you’re down there, the kids can head over to the Kids’ Craft Corner to make holiday crafts of their own!

But just because The Skinny will be in Moretown on Dec 11 & 12 doesn’t mean you can’t get your crepe-fix a little sooner. You can head to either of their locations in Burlington or Montpelier and be fully-satisfied by their almost totally locally-sourced menu. My personal favorite is the Deja Vu – apples, sausage, cheddar, maple… mmm… And they’ve just opened an new sister store called the Chubby Muffin which I truly cannot wait to go see!

So come prepared to fill up your shopping bags and your belly, NEXT WEEKEND at the Moretown Artisans’ Sale in Moretown Village!

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