Stuff you want: FUNCTIONAL GIFTS

You’ve probably been the recipient of one of those totally useless gifts that you didn’t want, don’t have a use for and don’t know how to dispose of. And hopefully you haven’t accidentally given these gifts back to those who gifted them to you  in the first place (because that’s really awkward – just sayin’…) But whether you given or received gifts of this nature, if you shop at the Moretown Artisans’ Sale this year, you are bound to find some awesome gifts that are not only beautiful, locally made and expertly crafted, but they are USEFUL!

In addition functional gifts like  beautiful mugs, hand knit scarves, there will be stunning wooden cutting boards From New Chapter Designs and “Youtensiles” from Flying Turtle Designs that will make excellent gifts for the culinary types on your list. Perhaps you have someone on your list who could use a little more light in there life? Check out the incredible stained glass lamps from Mad Women in the Attic.

There will also be some extreme useful gifts found at the Tiny Tea House booth. Heidi’s famous Dr. Knit Balm is the PERFECT gift for the weekend warriors on your list – you know, the one’s with all the aches and pains after their epic weekends on the slopes… Dr. Knit Balm provides excellent pain relief PLUS it doesn’t make your nose wrinkle when you smell it! Bonus!

So don’t forget to get it together for Dec 11 & 12 (that would be NEXT WEEKEND,) so you can check off your whole holiday shopping list in one stop! SEE YOU SOON!!!!


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