Stuff you want: TO GO TO THE ALCHEMIST

I am shamelessly plugging my favorite place to drink killer craft beer and stuff my face with sweet potato fries: The Alchemist.

Who doesn’t love a good reason to go there? Well how about THREE!?

Leave it to a craft brewery to know art when they see it! The Moretown Artisans’ Sale is proud to announce that three of our vendors have their art prominently displayed at the Alchemist, both on the walls and on the staff.

  • Alena Botanica You know those cool canvases with images of plants? That’s Alena Botanica. Alena also makes an assortment of beautiful plant inspired crafts. Her work is very texture rich and thoughtfully arranged by a very clever eye. She’s good. You will want to be surrounded by her style.
  • Raegan Hough Art Simply put, her jewelry is awesome. Rings, earrings, pendants. Multiple ladies on your list will be psyched to get any jewelry Raegan makes. Promise.
  • Oh hey, cute jeans!

    Rachel Laundon Art Rachel is the genius behind the “Bone Art” and the keg in the front window at our beloved Alchy. And she has a slew of cool and creative designs from prints to custom pet portraits and stunning wearable art work. 

Lucky for you, you will be able to peruse all of their various and excellent crafts on Dec. 11 & 12 at the Moretown Artisans’ Sale! Then once you’ve found gifts for everyone on your list, you can treat yourself to an appetizing present at the Alchemist to celebrate a successful holiday shopping experience.


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