Shopping in Bed

It’s “Cyber Monday,” the third leg of the post-Thanksgiving shopping push that also includes Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. (I don’t know why we skip Sunday. Perhaps people are too busy celebrating Go To Church or Watch Football day?)

The idea of Cyber Monday is to promote the convenience of getting your all of holiday shopping done without taking your pajamas off or brushing your teeth or making yourself look at all presentable to the public. Most commonly we flock to online malls like or However, the beauty of online shopping is that nearly anyone can have an online store these days, including independent artists, many of whom will also be at the Moretown Artisans’ Sale, December 8 & 9!

You can check out our complete listing of our artists here but if you just can’t wait to buy their art at the Moretown Elementary School in two weeks, see below for a list of our artists with online shops. Thanks in advance for supporting local art and Happy Cyber Monday!

If you’re looking for more Vermont Artists  to shop with, check out the Team Vermont page on for a listing of almost 150 highly talented and Vermont Strong artists to support!



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