Stuff you want: A GOOD COFFEE MUG

Mug from Montalto Arts

The holiday weekend is winding down. Our food comas have worn off  (though our bellies still feel full,) and tomorrow the cold hard slap of reality will hit us with the first blast of our morning alarm clock.

Ugh. What’s worse than waking up on Monday after a long weekend? (Well, probably lots of things, but for our purposes here – it’s the worst!) The only thing that allows me a little peace on Mondays is knowing that I have really good coffee and a whole collection of really great mugs to sip it all from. And if you come to the Moretown Artisans’ Sale, Dec 11 & 12, you too will be able to enjoy your Monday coffee fix from the same kind of beautiful and expertly crafted mugs that help me make it through the day.

Mug from Mountain High Ceramics

Montalto Arts and High Mountain Ceramics both create functional pottery that is so stunning you are probably going to have to get two of everything so you don’t end up just getting things for yourself! With mugs, bowls and all sorts of other clever designs, you will find something for everyone on your list!

If you are quick, today you can get a head start by heading to the last day of the Women’s Craft Festival in Burlington where Montalto Arts (and obviously a gazillion other talented artisans) will be selling their crafts at the bottom of Church Street. Otherwise, be sure to hit up the Moretown Artisans’ Sale for all your holiday shopping this season!

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