Vermont Fermentation Adventures

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Moretown, Vermont

Small batch kraut, kimchi, kombucha and pickles with locally grown goodness, made with the hope of healing the world, one gut at a time. Find VFA products near you at Mehuron’s Market, The Roots Market, Mad River Taste Place, von Trapp Farmstead, and

Order directly from VFA through Google Forms for pickup in Moretown, meetup or delivery.

While we are between the market seasons, my attention may be elsewhere, and I don’t want to miss your order. Please email me at if you are considering placing an order. After I get your email, I’ll be sure to move “check the order form” up on my to-do list. 

I will contact you as soon as I receive your complete order. We can then figure out payment and pickup plans for your treasures. Gratitude Sauerkraut is on sale through the end of the year– $8 for pints, $14 for quarts. Thank you for your interest and continued support.