Singing Spindle Spinnery


South Duxbury, Vermont

Singing Spindle Spinnery makes crafts from the wool from Vermont sheep, and fiber and yarns from other places, and also offers classes on spinning, knitting, crocheting, dyeing, wool washing and carding, felting and circular weaving. Find products locally including hand-crocheted hats, baby booties, scarves, felted balls, felted soaps, a full line of photo and botanical cards and herb teas, at Northwood Gallery in Stowe and The Old Mill Craftshop in Jericho. Other products such as baby booties, felted balls and photo cards of sheep and farming, are at Artisans’ Gallery in Waitsfield. Cards are at Stowe Street Emporium, Proud Flower, Hannon Home Center, and Stowe Street Cafe in Waterbury, and The Warren Store in Warren. There are many more products available, just contact Carol.  Curbside pick-up, and/or local delivery available.

See below for product information.

Online purchases please email One free photo card (my choice) with every purchase under $25.00. One free Felt-A-Ball Kit with each purchase over $25.00. Include a reminder in your email! Local delivery available.

Small felted balls sell for $5.00 each. Babies and children of all ages love them, cats love them, they are great for exercising the hands after hand or wrist surgery.  They bounce, they float, they will not harm anything if they are thrown in the house.  They make great Christmas Ornaments, by just sewing on a string. They look pretty just sitting in a bowl or basket.

Custom-made, Hand-spun, Hand-crocheted hats I have many photos I can send to someone who would like a custom-made hat.  The price depends upon the yarns that we choose, and the size and type of hat.  I have permission from Rachel and Ayla Rosenblum,  to use this photo of them.  Every hat I make is unique.

Large Felted Soaps are $15.00 each.  They are a great gift because they are unusual.  They serve as a washcloth, a soap and a felted cat toy at the end when the soap is all used up!

Drop Spindle Kits are a great way to learn to spin!  Each kit includes;  a drop spindle that I have designed and my husband makes for me, a leader yarn attached, a set of instructions and a nice collection of washed, carded wools, both natural and dyed, to begin to practice on.  Customer can suggest color preferences and I will try to comply.  More prepared wools can be purchased from me at any time.  The kits are $25.00 + $1.50 (6% VT Sales Tax), for a total of $26.50.

Pizza Weaving Kits come in two models.  One is made using a cardboard circular loom.  With care these can last for many, many uses.  These kits are $20.00 + 6% VT Sales Tax of $1.20= $21.20.
The other choice is a circular loom made of Baltic Birch Plywood.  This one will last a lifetime of use.  These kits are $30.00 plus 6% VT Sales Tax of $1.80 for a total of $31.80.
Both kits include a warped loom, ready to weave on, two plastic yarn needles, many tiny balls of yarn, an instructions sheet and a bag to hold it all in.
Baby Booties made from wool sweaters and cashmere blanket fabric.  Every one is different.  You can see that one I made from my husband’s old Red and Black Plaid fabric from The Johnson Woolen Mill. Each pair of booties is unique, no two alike.  They do go fast, so you need to communicate with  me to see what’s available at any one time.  They are $20.00 each pair and no VT Sales Tax because they are clothing.
******Same goes for all my hats and/or scarves.