*Artisan Application*

APPLICATIONS for the 2020 Moretown Artisans’ Sale will be available in October.

Contact us if you would like to be on our email list.

A little about this show:

  • The show takes place in a festively decorated school gymnasium over two days.
  • The space is heated and is securely locked overnight.
  • There are 25 total artist booths.
  • Artists must attend both Saturday and Sunday.
  • The show sees somewhere between 600-1000 people on Saturday, and 400-800 on Sunday. There is a strong local repeat crowd. Attendance can be weather-related.
  • Saturday features live entertainment from student and professional musicians.
  • Sunday features a free holiday photo booth and a visit from Santa.
  • As a condition of acceptance, all artists are required to donate an item of their work to a Silent Auction and raffle that benefits Hannah’s House, a local non-profit that assists with mental well-being. Donations must have a minimum value of $20. Letters can be provided upon request.
  • Food is available for purchase both days with assorted discounts/specials for participating artists.
  • Electricity is available at all booths with advanced request.
  • There is plenty of parking, though artists are asked to leave nearby parking spaces for attendees.
  • There are bathroom facilities on site.
  • There is free wifi on site.

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